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Any violation of our rules is cause for you to be ejected from the premises and treated as a trespasser!

  • Hold on to your ticket stubs at all times during your visit to our Drive-In. If you are not able to provide your ticket stubs when requested, you will be required to leave the Drive-In immediately without refund.

  • No cash refunds. No Rain Checks. (Ever.)

  • No Outside Food Delivery is Allowed on our Property.  (Uber Eats, Door Dash, Etc.)

  • The speed limit is 5 MPH. Please observe this for the safety of everyone.

  • No illegal substance or activity will be tolerated. If caught or suspected in these activities, law enforcement will be called.

  • Possession of laser pointers, Fireworks or riding Bicycles, Skate Boards, Roller Skates, or Scooters are not allowed at the Drive-In.  Any person found in violation of these items will be immediately ejected with no refund.

  • Obscene language will not be tolerated. This will get you ejected from the premises.

  • No vehicle lighting is allowed while the movies are shown. Headlights, parking lights, all exterior lights must remain off. No neon. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you must leave during the movie please be ready to start moving your car when your lights turn on.

  • Cooking, grilling, or food preparation is NOT allowed on the drive-in property.

  • Underage tobacco use will not be tolerated. If you use such products on the premises, you may be required to prove you are 18 years old to management or security.

  • Follow all instructions from parking attendants. Any guest who does not cooperate reasonably with a parking attendant will forfeit their right to remain on the premises, and will be considered a trespasser.

  • Each vehicle is entitled to one parking space. Park within two (2) feet of a pole to provide enough space for all guests to park comfortably. Each space is ten (10) feet wide. If you are sitting outside the vehicle, do not occupy another parking space.

  • When necessary, large size vans and trucks will be required to park in designated areas. Nothing allowed above roof level. Raised hatch backs must be tied down to roof level or park with the larger trucks and vans. Attendants and security have the final authority over where you may park and what is allowed.

  • Show consideration for the guests parked around you. Do not use loud voices, horn, radios, or any type of sound loud enough to disturb other guests.

  • No same night re-admissions. Patrons leaving the Drive-In will be charged full admission to re-enter.

  • Walk to the concession stand and restrooms. Do not drive unless you are handicapped.

  • This is a family atmosphere Drive-In. If you are caught gathering outside your car or visiting from car to car in a disturbing manner, you will have to leave the premises.

  • No loud music or radios. If you want to play music other than the drive-in provided station, it must not be loud enough to hear outside your vehicle. No bass amps allowed.

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